Current Picks (Updated: 02/12/2018)

Current Picks (Updated: 02/12/2018)

After the massive success we had by opening and holding our position in July 2018 by picking Starbucks stock (NASDAQ:SBUX) at average price of $52, and sold it at average price $68 in different time frames during November 2018 leading our portfolio to gain almost 31% in only four months.


Now, our selection criteria (Alpha Portfolio) points to Snapchat stock (NYSE:SNAP),  we are buying at the average price of $6, targeting $13 during 2019.


Brief – about Sparsfolio:

Sparsfolio – is simply an independent lab specialized in financial markets estimation and detection based on various innovated methods that jointly implemented by combining existing technical analysis metrics, financial analysis and advanced position sizing; in addition to that, advanced stochastic sparse signal processing theories are also considered in building our models.


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