There are many proposed strategies, some of them are under development; however, our main four strategies are named: Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Sparsa.


Type of trading: Swing to monthly Trading

Our flagship trading strategy: Alpha – the pain tolerant – is a portfolio through which the positions are opened based on several factors such as: technical analysis (MACD and CAPM) and also, jointly, with predicting the prices using stochastic modeling and in particular: Hidden Markov Models. Also, short term effects of politics are considered in selection.


Type of trading: Daily, Scalp Trading
(High frequency trading version of this portfolio is under development)

Beta – the profit collector – is our minimized risk portfolio with a reasonable and attractive return as well (as shown on the Performance page). The strategy is illustrated in this simple diagram:

The only downside, we sometimes, going to cut some possible profits; however, we bring the risk again into higher levels.


Type of trading: Monthly to yearly Trading

Gamma – The Hunter – is our sleeping giant portfolio which has cash in the most of the time; opening new positions depends mainly on financial analysis, economics and political situations. No technical analysis involved at all.


Type of trading: Seconds to minutes

Sparsa – The Noise Utilizer – is the the only high frequency trading portfolio amongst our portfolios. Signal processing is used in detection such as we deal with stocks prices as physical signals and applying the most advanced sparse signal processing techniques in literature. This portfolio is exclusive and not applied to the managed existent portfolios.